Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. There just doesn’t seam to be enough time in the day, and when things get busy for me one of the first things that go is computer time. (family is priority)
I thought I would take a picture of the socks I have in my life right now.
As you can see I finished the purple socks. I was going to give them to my friend yesterday at church, but my youngest had a stomach virus, and we couldn’t go. Hopefully things will be better next Sunday and I will be able to give them to her then.
Right now I have my mother in-law’s blue ankle socks on needles, and the pare of socks I started for my self last month is still on the loom, barely touched. (Maybe I’ll be able to finish them some time in January.)
I also need to buy some more white yarn to do some more little dresses and sweaters for my other friend.
As you can tell, I’m staying quite busy, but I’m enjoying myself.
I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays, peace on earth and good will toward your fellow man. May your heart be filled with the warm and fuzzys.