I finished the rainbow socks I was making for my daughter, but I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of them yet. I’ll post as soon as I do.
Right now I’m working on the purple socks. I would have already had one finished, but I tried something different, and the sock ended up looking like it was for a clown from outer space. I was not happy at all with it. I wish I had figured that out earlier, because I had already almost completely finished the sock, but I just could NOT give her socks that looked like that. So what I did was frog it (rip it, rip it) completely out and start over from scratch. I think this time they are turning out much nicer, but that solid color purple yarn is showing up every little mistake I make! Now me personally, I like those little imperfections in hand made items. I think it gives them a quaint look and feel, and I really enjoy that. I was actually thinking to my self that once I get to where I’m not making those mistakes on my own accidental, that I may start putting them in on purpose in the items I make for my self, because I really do like that look, but not everyone is that way.
The new and improved purple socks are done in a simple knit 2 purl 2 rib which I’m carrying all the way down the top of the foot instead of stopping at the ankle like most ribbed socks do. I don’t want her socks to look like most socks, I want them to be special. They don’t have to be completely unique, but I don’t want them to be ordinary. like something you could just go to walmart and buy. When she puts on her purple socks, I want her feet to "feel the love" hehe.
Edit: I finally got around to taking pictures. Here’s my daughter modeling her new rainbow Christmas socks, and the ribbed purple sock on needles.