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The socks in my life

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. There just doesn’t seam to be enough time in the day, and when things get busy for me one of the first things that go is computer time. (family is priority)
I thought I would take a picture of the socks I have in my life right now.
As you can see I finished the purple socks. I was going to give them to my friend yesterday at church, but my youngest had a stomach virus, and we couldn’t go. Hopefully things will be better next Sunday and I will be able to give them to her then.
Right now I have my mother in-law’s blue ankle socks on needles, and the pare of socks I started for my self last month is still on the loom, barely touched. (Maybe I’ll be able to finish them some time in January.)
I also need to buy some more white yarn to do some more little dresses and sweaters for my other friend.
As you can tell, I’m staying quite busy, but I’m enjoying myself.
I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays, peace on earth and good will toward your fellow man. May your heart be filled with the warm and fuzzys.  

Purple Socks and Finished Project

I finished the rainbow socks I was making for my daughter, but I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of them yet. I’ll post as soon as I do.
Right now I’m working on the purple socks. I would have already had one finished, but I tried something different, and the sock ended up looking like it was for a clown from outer space. I was not happy at all with it. I wish I had figured that out earlier, because I had already almost completely finished the sock, but I just could NOT give her socks that looked like that. So what I did was frog it (rip it, rip it) completely out and start over from scratch. I think this time they are turning out much nicer, but that solid color purple yarn is showing up every little mistake I make! Now me personally, I like those little imperfections in hand made items. I think it gives them a quaint look and feel, and I really enjoy that. I was actually thinking to my self that once I get to where I’m not making those mistakes on my own accidental, that I may start putting them in on purpose in the items I make for my self, because I really do like that look, but not everyone is that way.
The new and improved purple socks are done in a simple knit 2 purl 2 rib which I’m carrying all the way down the top of the foot instead of stopping at the ankle like most ribbed socks do. I don’t want her socks to look like most socks, I want them to be special. They don’t have to be completely unique, but I don’t want them to be ordinary. like something you could just go to walmart and buy. When she puts on her purple socks, I want her feet to "feel the love" hehe.
Edit: I finally got around to taking pictures. Here’s my daughter modeling her new rainbow Christmas socks, and the ribbed purple sock on needles.

Knitting Pod Cast

I’ve recently discovered these neat things called pod casts. I had heard about them before, but I never paid much attention to it, because I don’t have an iPod. I just have a plane old mp3 player my husband bought for me from Circuit City.
What brought pod casts to my attention though was I accidentally stumbled on to a sight that said no iPod required and the geek in me just had to find out more. I’m really enjoying it!
My favorite one is called Cast On. (there are pod casts on every subject imaginable) In this pod cast this very pleasant sounding woman talks to you about knitting (or at least she makes me feel like she is talking to ME) and she plays really good music from unsigned artist. She promotes her podcast as a knitting magazine you can listen to while you are knitting, and that’s exactly what I do. I used to knit while I watched TV, but now I would much rather listen to pod casts.
The program I use to subscribe to her pod cast with is called Juice. It’s a free program so that’s nice.
If you want to check her out, here is the URL to her rss feed. Those two things are all you need and you can get all her latest pod casts to put on your mp3 player and take her along with your knitting.
I’ll let you know if I come across any other craft related pod casts I like. If you have a favorite craft pod cast, I would love for you to tell me so I can check it out.
Here’s another one I think you should check out. It’s called KnitWit. This lady doesn’t strictly talk about knitting, but I find her "stories" very enjoyable.