I completed six items for my friend, but she was in such a hurry she forgot to pick them up. I’m hesitant to do any more until she sees the ones I’ve already done, because I want to make sure that’s what she wants. As soon as she gets them and sees them I’ll start on the rest of them. In the mean time I’m finishing my daughters socks, and yesterday a lady from church offered me some of her hand raised ground beef (really good stuff with no chemicals or preservatives or additives of any kind) I of course said yes please. Then I asked her what I could give her for it. She was just going to give it to me, but I wanted to give her something in return if she would let me. I told her I could knit and crochet pretty well and would she be interested in something like that. The idea seamed to make her happy and she said she would like a pare of socks. (she used to knit socks, but for some reason probably lack of time, she doesnt do it any more) She said she would like a purple pare. I told her I would see what I could do. (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find that color locally in the yarn I use) Her second choice was blue and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get that so long as it’s not sold out. (I won’t be able to get it until next Sunday though  )
I also have plans to make my MIL a new pare of socks because when I made her last pare (last year) I really didn’t have much to choose from as far as yarn went  and I wasn’t very happy with what I ended up with. (she still loved them though  , but I would like to make her some out of something nicer) Sooooo I have about a months worth of projects lined up for me.