I haven’t been on line in a couple of days. I’ve been VERY busy crocheting doll dresses. (like the white one I made for my daughters doll last year for Christmas) and knitting little sweaters. (like the one I made for the little teddy bear I knitted)
A sweet and wonderful woman I know has asked me to make them for her to give as gifts to her family and friends who are going to the Temple this week. Going to the Temple is something very special, and so she wanted to give them something to remember there time there, and since temple clothing is solid white, the little dresses and sweaters I’m making are solid white. (I thought it was a sweet idea)
I’ve been crocheting like mad every since she asked, but I had forgotten how LONG it takes me to make just one of the little dresses. Thank goodness she said she could give some of them later. It takes me almost a full day just to make one dress, so I would never be able to have eight done by tomorrow!
I was so excited when she asked me to make them though. This lady and her family mean so much to me and to be given the opportunity to do this for her made me VERY happy.