Here’s the craft related things that have been going on in my life.
1.) I ordered a couple of sets of double pointed needles from knit picks. I’m really enjoying my options needles from knit picks,(the nickle plating is sooo nice) so when I decided I wanted to learn how to use double pointed needles I decided to get them from knit picks also. I checked on the shipping status last night, and it said they have made it all the way to Dallas, so I might be getting them today, but we will see. Dallas is notorious for completely loosing my stuff or keeping it for a week or more before delivering it to me.
2.) I started a pare of fingerless gloves. I’m using some of the yarn a very nice lady sent to me. I was one of the lucky people who received some from her when she decided to thin her yarn stash out. (I thought it was so nice of her to do that) I’ve posted a picture of my progress for you to see.
3.) I’ve also started another pare of loom knit socks. I’m using self striping yarn. This is the first time I’ve used any of that so I’m kinda excited to see how it turns out. I would have posted a picture of that to, but I haven’t gotten far enough yet for you to really see anything.
Oh ya, I forgot. I sewed the pocket on the sweater I made for my daughter, but I accidentally sewed it on to the BACK of the sweater. LOL!
I took it back off, but I was so disgusted with my self I haven’t tried sewing it back on.  I’ll post post pictures as soon as I do. I promise.
edit: I was informed by my 12 year old daughter that she doesn’t like the sweater I made for her and doesnt want to ware it. (Talk about a big waste of my time!) Keep in mind that before I knitted it I showed her the pattern and she said she wanted me to knit it, I also asked her about the yarn I used. (It was some her grandma had given me) I asked her if she liked the yarn, and would she want me to make her sweater out of it and she said YES! *Grrrrrr…..* I’m just sooooo aggravated!
Any way since she "Changed her mind about the sweater" I’m not going to bother to sew the pocket on it. I’ve posted a picture if you want to see the stylishly offensive sweater.