I finished making my sons socks last night, and glued all the loose pegs on my looms. I’ve used them so much, I had worked five pegs loose. There were three that were coming out on my extra fine gauge, and while I was making my sons new socks I discovered that two on my fine gauge kept trying to come out. I had already tried to fix the pegs with super glue but that only worked for a little while. I told my husband about it and he bought me some two part apoxie. He says it works really well. He used it a lot at a place he used to work, but its messy. It says it works on wood and metal, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I wont be able to use the looms until tonight because I have to let it set for 24 hours.
Here is a picture of the socks I made. I finally figured out how to do the kitchener stitch to close the tow. It took three socks before I got it right. so one of my sons socks has a ridge going across the tow and not the other one. LOL! at least its the tow and not some where more visible.