The first thing I did this morning was pay bills, then I ordered my knitting needles. Knitpicks says it will take 5-14 days. (I’m already day dreaming of all the projects I can make with them)
After that I had to go to the store to exchange my daughters backpack. She only used it for two days, and two zippers broke on it on the same day! Her daddy and I found another one for her, and while we were at the store, I found a cross stitch pattern book that normally goes for $8 on clearance for $1.50 How cool is that?!  It is full of cute girl designs that are VERY age appropriate for my 11 year old daughter. I also got a small cross stitch kit that was also on clearance for 35 cents. I keep trying to find a craft that my daughter will like, and I thought the little kit would be perfect to find out if she likes that or not. If she does, she can make some of the designs in the book, and if she doesnt I’ll make them instead, so it’s a win win situation and it cost a total of $1.85 pluse tax. hehe