I just finished making three baby toys for a lady at church. She had three grand baby’s born all withing a month of each other. I knew I could crochet a gift for each of them, but I wanted to see if I could knit a gift for them instead. What I ended up making were these little bunny blanket buddies. The body is about the size of a wash cloth with two knots tied at opposite corners for the paws and a bunny head at the top corner. I know, it sounds strange, but one of the reason I chose this pattern is because when my youngest was a baby his favorit teething toy was wash cloth that had a rubber piece sewn to one corner and a little loop on another corner to attach a toy. It worked great, because while he was teething the washcloth part would absorb all the drool. LOL! When it got yucky I would just throw it in the washer and dryer. I thought the bunny buddy could work the same way. I’m going to go to the store some time this week and buy a rattle and teether for each bunny and tie it to there paws.
I also picked this pattern because it had a couple of new things for me to learn in it. The first new thing I learned was how to knit into the front and back. The other thing I learned is how to knit two sides simutaniously, by doing a P1 sl1 pattern. It ended up making sort of a toob. I thought that was pretty cool.