I just started another pair of socks for my son last night. He picked out some really nice yarn for them. It’s a super soft cotton blend made by Bernat I still haven’t finished the pair of socks I was making for my self though. (I only have one completed) I’ve been having trouble with my extra fine gauge sock loom. A couple of the pegs have come loose, and will come out if I’m not carfule. (that really slows me down a lot) I’ve tryed glueing them, and they will stay for a little while, but they eventually come loose again. I need to try some different types of glue I guess. Since I make my sons socks on my fine gauge and not my extra fine gauge, I should be able to complete his pretty quick. (I hope) His home made socks are his favorite to ware, so I would like for him to have a good supply of them.