I’m getting a LOT better at my needle knitting. I’m not making as many mistakes as before, and more often than not I’m able to correct the mistakes I make, or at least make them less noticeable. There are still times when I try to correct something I’ve done, that I just make matters worse, but that’s happening less and less.
At this point I know how to knit, purl, yo, and knit together. Which means I now have the ability to do increases and decreases. (I was pretty excited about that.)
My husband gave me an old number clicker, and I’ve been using that for a row counter. It’s helped so much in following patterns, so much easier to remember where I’m at. Being a mommy, I have to stop and start a lot, so it’s nice being able to just look at the clicker to know what row I’m on.
I finished another dishcloth. This one is called Flying Geese.