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I started making my four year old a sweater yesterday, discovered there was a problem with the sizing of the pattern (thankfully I discovered that pretty early. The pattern said it was for a child size 6, but it was actually a toddler size 6) I froged it, found a different pattern (hopefuly simple enough for me to understand) and started over.
I’ve never made a sweater before, so this is totally new territory for me. Hopefully I won’t screw it up, or at least not so bad that he can’t wear it.
It cracks me up that the kids like it so much when I make things for them. (it makes me feel good to )
I’ll post pictures of my progress.

There Finally Here!!

My knitting needles Finally got here!! Yea!!
So far, I’m just loving them. (as much as you can love knitting needles anyway) I can’t believe how light they are, they warm up in my hands very quickly especially considering they are medal, which is a pleasant surprise for my arthritis, and soooo smooooth. The yarn glides across them so easily!
I took a picture of every thing I got when I took it out of the box. I got the starter set, the view sizer, the needle size ID tags, and an extra set of triple needle pockets.

Teddy Bear Book

I’ve been wanting this teddy bear pattern book for quite some time now. Your only supposed to need basic knitting skills to make the bears in the book, and I definitely fall into that category. hehe  
I found it on sale for 35% off, and my sweetie got it for me today.

Twisted Yarn

For the socks I’m working on right now, I decided I wanted to make alternating strips of a variegated yarn that has purple, green and yellow. The other yarn I’m using is just a solid yellow. So far, I haven’t even gotten two compleat strips done and the two yarns keep twisting with each other. I need to stop every so often to untwist them. It really makes me wonder how people who knit with several different colors and yarns at once, keep the yarn from being a mass of knots. I’ve heard of people who do that fair isle knitting (I think that’s what it’s called) who alternate between 4 or 5 different colors. I do remember someone telling me that there mother used to use yarn bobbins, so maybe that’s how they do it. If I have too much trouble with this sock, maybe I’ll try that on the next one.

Holding so far

I’ve started another sock, to keep myself occupied until my knitting needles get here. So far, the apoxie I used seams to be holding the pegs in place. Hopefully none of the other pegs try to come out. That apoxie is such messie stuff to have to deal with.

My sock looms

I finished making my sons socks last night, and glued all the loose pegs on my looms. I’ve used them so much, I had worked five pegs loose. There were three that were coming out on my extra fine gauge, and while I was making my sons new socks I discovered that two on my fine gauge kept trying to come out. I had already tried to fix the pegs with super glue but that only worked for a little while. I told my husband about it and he bought me some two part apoxie. He says it works really well. He used it a lot at a place he used to work, but its messy. It says it works on wood and metal, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I wont be able to use the looms until tonight because I have to let it set for 24 hours.
Here is a picture of the socks I made. I finally figured out how to do the kitchener stitch to close the tow. It took three socks before I got it right. so one of my sons socks has a ridge going across the tow and not the other one. LOL! at least its the tow and not some where more visible.

$1.85 pluse tax

The first thing I did this morning was pay bills, then I ordered my knitting needles. Knitpicks says it will take 5-14 days. (I’m already day dreaming of all the projects I can make with them)
After that I had to go to the store to exchange my daughters backpack. She only used it for two days, and two zippers broke on it on the same day! Her daddy and I found another one for her, and while we were at the store, I found a cross stitch pattern book that normally goes for $8 on clearance for $1.50 How cool is that?!  It is full of cute girl designs that are VERY age appropriate for my 11 year old daughter. I also got a small cross stitch kit that was also on clearance for 35 cents. I keep trying to find a craft that my daughter will like, and I thought the little kit would be perfect to find out if she likes that or not. If she does, she can make some of the designs in the book, and if she doesnt I’ll make them instead, so it’s a win win situation and it cost a total of $1.85 pluse tax. hehe