I’ve been having a lot of joint pain lately, due to arthritis. It’s making it uncomfortable for me to do my arts and crafts. I made a post about it on the e-tatters group, and someone suggested making a rice bag to use as a hot pack. I had actually heard of this before, but for some reason I never made one.
Now I’m trying to decide what the best design would be. Knowing my family the way I do, anything I make is going to get dirty, so my rice bag needs to have a washable cover. I’m going to need some way to open and close it, so I can take to rice out before I wash it. (rice in the washing machine wouldn’t be a very good idea. LOL!) It needs to be something that wont come open easily, because I don’t want rice spilling out while the bag is being used. Also, it needs to be safe to use in the microwave, since that’s how you heat the rice up to use it as a hot pack.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Ok, after some very good suggestions, I’ve decided to make it like a pillow. with the bag being made out of plane cotton material, and then I’m going to use a flannel pillow case for it.