I’m really excited to try out a new discovery! A lady posted in one of the loom knitting groups I belong to, that she really liked reading every ones blogs, and thought she would give it a try. So I went to take a look, and I’m sooo glad I did. On her blog she has posted the type of removal method she used for doing socks.
Normally I use a zig zag method to remove the sock from the loom and close the sock toe. (where you use a needle and some yarn and zig zag from peg to peg across the loom) I haven’t been all that thrilled about this way of doing it, but it’s the only way I knew of. With this new way, (Kitchener Stitch ) you use two knitting needles to remove the sock off the loom, then you make the closure off the needles. This way uses a LOT less yarn, and gives a much nicer finished product! After watching the movie (click on Kitchener stitch above and scroll down to see the movie) a few times through, I’m pretty sure I will be able to do it.