I called Knitpicks this morning, and thank goodness they track the packages! It showed that it arrived in Dallas on the 12th and just disappeared. There were no more tracking scans after that. So my yarn is officially lost in the postal system.

The lady was very nice and started arranging to have some more sent to me, but then discovered that two of the three colors I ordered are no longer available. Sooooo She helped me to choose (because I couldn’t actually see the colors over the phone)She described a few she thought were close to what I wanted and I picked out of those. After I got off the phone with her I went to the website and looked up what we had decided on, and I think I will be happy with it when it gets here. Oh, and she told me that if the first package actually shows up, that I didn’t need to send it back, that I would be allowed to keep it. (I thought that was pretty cool) Since it’s been missing since the 12th, I’m not counting on it, but if it does, that will be nice.