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Mothers day gifts

My sweet husband gave me a bracelet and some cash for my mothers day gift. (I like them both. hehe) So I was able to order my self some wool sock yarn, and another sock loom. The other loom I ordered is the perfect size for my kids, but for me I need something just a tiny bit larger. This time I ordered the DA extra fine gauge 9" sock loom. When I ordered my first sock loom from them it was posted on there sight that it could take up to two weeks before an order was shipped out, but now it says it could take up to four to six weeks. LOL! Oh well. They are really nice looms, so I’ll wait.

Wore her socks

My daughter wore her new socks that I made her to school last Thursday. She wore them with some capri pants, so you could see them easily. She said every one liked them. (friends and teachers) She told me "people were saying nice things about you all day mommy" hehe, that made me feel good.

One of two

I finished my first loom knitted sock. It’s nothing fantastic, but it’s acceptable, and I learned a lot from it.

I’m working on the second one now, and I feel like I’ve improved quite a bit. I’ve figured out ways of solving problems I had with the first sock. Things they don’t tell you in the directions, like how to keep form loosing your place when your making the heal and toe. 

Now that I understand how to make a basic sock, I have some ideas of how I want to alter it, to make different looks. 
I’ve already requested sock yarn as a mothers day gift. Hehe. 😉