Something Cool happened the other day. A lady contacted me about the pads I made for my daughter. She asked if she could put them on her website and sent me a link. When I clicked on the link, I realized that this was a website I had been to many times! This lady puts patterns on her sight for baby items that normally a low income mother would not be able to afford to buy, or have difficulty buying. Since I’m not out to make a profit on my pads, and would love for all women to at least TRY cloth pads, and I think this design is simple enough, that it might tempt someone into sewing a couple. I told her I would be happy for her to put the pads on her website. This lady gets a lot of traffic to her sight, so the chances of someone soon using there own version of my daughters pads is very high. 😀

Here’s the link She also added my description of how I made the pads (since it’s not necessary to have an actual pattern to make them.)Scroll down, my pads are under hers.