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Sent off the order

I completed the pads and sent them off. I forgot to find out how long it would take for her to receive them though. I’m really hoping that she contacts me after she gets them to let me know how she likes them.

My First Order

I had a lady contact me the other day. Asking me if I would be willing to sell her some pads. She said she saw the pads I made for my daughter and really liked them, but she couldn’t sew and so wanted to know if I would be willing to sell her some.
How cool is that?! I’m going to start them this weekend. I would start them tomorrow, but I have to make a trip to get the cloth.
Fun stuff!!  

Crochet Sun Hat

I made my self a badly needed sun hat. The Dr tells me I’m supposed to where a hat with at least a 5" brim every day. especially during the summer, (because I have lupus) but I have such a hard time finding one I like. I found a really cute pattern for a crochet cotton sun hat. I still need to starch the brim, but I think it turned out really cute!
I think I might make my self a few in different colors. I was able to make the hat surprisingly quick. I started crocheting it yesterday after I picked the kids up from school, and I was able to complete it before they went to bed. That’s with me stopping to clean some and cook dinner. 

Something Cool Happened

Something Cool happened the other day. A lady contacted me about the pads I made for my daughter. She asked if she could put them on her website and sent me a link. When I clicked on the link, I realized that this was a website I had been to many times! This lady puts patterns on her sight for baby items that normally a low income mother would not be able to afford to buy, or have difficulty buying. Since I’m not out to make a profit on my pads, and would love for all women to at least TRY cloth pads, and I think this design is simple enough, that it might tempt someone into sewing a couple. I told her I would be happy for her to put the pads on her website. This lady gets a lot of traffic to her sight, so the chances of someone soon using there own version of my daughters pads is very high. 😀

Here’s the link She also added my description of how I made the pads (since it’s not necessary to have an actual pattern to make them.)Scroll down, my pads are under hers.

Found it!!

I found the teddy bear pattern I was looking for,  and so far I’ve finished the body and skirt. I still have the arms, legs, ears, and nose to go. I’m going to start that as soon as I’m done here.

Can’t find my pattern

I was going to make my little niece a teddy bear tonight, but I can’t find my pattern. I don’t know where I put it. Argh… I’m getting aggravated.

New Project

I decide I’m going to start a new project tonight. I’m not sure what it’s going to be LOL, but I’m going to start one. I feel the need to make something.