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Cloth Pads

I finished the cloth pads for my daughter. (I made 12)
one side is flanel, the other side is terry cloth, and I sandwiched in a waterproof layer in 1/3 of the pad. They have a wrap around snap closer, and when not in use, the pads fold up as small as a disposable pad (but is much better for you)
I chose this one peace desine, b/c I knew my daughter would have trouble keeping up with multiple parts, but I also wanted them to be able to dry quickly after laundering, which is why I chose a foldable type.
She seams very happy with them. She says her friends think they are cool! LOL
It must be the cute cats that are on them.

Doing a lot

I’ve been doing a lot lately. First off I’ve almost completed the baby gifts I am sending to a friend. I’ve made a yellow onese outfit, yellow socks, a bib, an octopus for big brother, and a bath rose for mom.