I’ve wanted to make some shopping bags for a while now, just b/c I don’t like all the waste created by disposable bags. I always recycle our bags, but even so there is still a lot of waste.

Any way I have a large family, there are five of us. So in an effort to save money on groceries, we recently got a sams card. (they sell a lot of bulk items)

When you check out, they don’t have bags, you have to use boxes. Which is even MORE to have to throw away when we get home, and it’s difficult to fit all those boxes in the car. So that gave me the push I needed to actually FIND a shopping bag pattern.

I found two I like. I’m going to make both to see which one I like better. This is the first one, it was amazingly easy to make. I was able to complete it in less than a day. 😀