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Busy Weekend

I found out friday, that a lady from church is having a baby shower on wednesday. So I got bussy and made some shower gifts.
I made a stuffed smilie face toy, a smilie face bid, and a couple of wash cloths. I made the wash cloths full size, b/c that’s what I liked when my kids were babies. They are also a lot softer than what you can buy in the store, which is what a baby needs.
I also found a cute dog sweater pattern this weekend, and just had to make it. I found the pattern at if you want to check it out.
I still have a few other gifts I need to make for a couple of other children, so I will probably be making several new posts untill I’m done. 🙂

Crochet I-Quest Pouch

I’ve wanted to make this for my daughter every since we got her the i-quest. I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Well I had time yesterday and thought to make it. My daughter chose the colors out of my yarn stash, and I chose the checker board pattern. The design is my own, very simple, your standard pouch with a flap closer. I will later add a button to keep it closed, just as soon as I find one I like. I don’t have a button stash, I really miss the one my grandmother had when I was a little girl. No matter what project I was working on, she would always have a nice button for me to use.

Crochet Shopping Bag

I’ve wanted to make some shopping bags for a while now, just b/c I don’t like all the waste created by disposable bags. I always recycle our bags, but even so there is still a lot of waste.

Any way I have a large family, there are five of us. So in an effort to save money on groceries, we recently got a sams card. (they sell a lot of bulk items)

When you check out, they don’t have bags, you have to use boxes. Which is even MORE to have to throw away when we get home, and it’s difficult to fit all those boxes in the car. So that gave me the push I needed to actually FIND a shopping bag pattern.

I found two I like. I’m going to make both to see which one I like better. This is the first one, it was amazingly easy to make. I was able to complete it in less than a day. 😀

Tatted Valentines

I’m trying to make homemade valentines. One of the ladies on e-tatters designed this really cool heart, that I liked and wanted to make. I thought it would be just perfect to send as valentines.

Problem is I don’t have much experience reading tatting patterns, and this one turned out to be over my head. I haven’t been able to find another heart, but I have found a butterfly the free pattern website. The pattern says it’s for a beginner, and I’ve been having some success with it. My progress is slow, but I am making progress.

So I guess my family will be getting butterfly valentines instead of hearts. It’s not quite as valentine but I think they will like them anyway.

Friendship wheel

My cousin gave my daughter a bracelet making kit for Christmas, called Friendship Wheel. The kit contain embroidery thread, and two friendship wheels, basically two thick foam peaces cut into the shape of flowers. There is a large hole in the center of each. With these friendship wheels, you are able to weave cute little friendship bracelets to give. you can make four different patterns, hearts, diamonds, rainbow, and flowers.
Because of the size, the bracelet maker is easy to travel with. It has kept my daughter occupied on several car trips.
This is a neat little item, and I definitely recommend it.