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Huge Sock

Well I finished one of my mother in-laws socks, but it seams HUGE. This is the first time I’ve made socks just going by measurement. I hope it actually fits her, I have my doubts. I would hate to do all that work and it not fit her, but she is out of state and I can’t get her to try it on. Oh well, if it doesn’t fit, I will at least have learned something, and I should do better next time.


I’m defiantly disappointed in my yarn selection. I live in a small town, so the only places I have to buy yarn is a local general store, (I wish we had a craft store, even a small one would be nice) or I could drive half an hour to get to a Wal-mart. With both of them the only choices I have is pretty much worsted weight or baby yarn. The baby yarn is about the size I need, but colors in that are very limited. My choices are pastel or white. Don’t get me wrong, I like pastel and white, but I would like to have socks that go along with the colors my clothes are, I normally were earth tones, and when you were pastel socks when everything else is earth tone, it looks a little funny. I’m also not saying I haven’t done that, LOL but….


Well, I’ve taken my mother in-law’s foot measurements today. I’m going to make her a few pair of socks for Christmas. She has been traveling a lot lately, and has been spending a lot of time farther up north. I thought it would be nice for her to have some warm home made socks. It’s a whole lot colder there than it is here.

Crochet for the hair

Here is an example of some of the things I’ve made for my daughters hair. They have been a big hit at her school. (she is in the fourth grade) All of her friends want me to make some for them. LOL


Ya! I finally found crochet sock patterns. These aren’t those thick house shoe type of things people claim are socks. These are actual socks you can ware inside your shoes! Yippee!