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Knitting Help

I’ve recently found a GREAT website. It is by far the best website I’ve found so far on knitting. They have been able to answer every question I have had about knitting. I also found out that those people who were saying I was knitting wrong, they were actually the ones who were wrong. What I was doing was just not what you normally see. I found out from the website that most people in the united states use the English method of knitting, but the method I use is the continental method. Also the method I used to cast on was not a very common method. I found out that what I was doing was called the Backward Loop cast on. So to all of those people who made faces at me when they saw what I was doing and told me I was wrong 😛 *rasberry*

kinitting day one

Ok, so far so good. Last night I learned the right way to cast on, and was reminded how to do the basic knitting stitch. I have added a new photo album called I’m learning to knit. I’ll be posting photos of what I’m learning there. Today when my daughter comes home from school, I’m going to try to teach her what I learned last night.

Learning to Knit

My 10 year old daughter and I are going to learn how to knit. The last time I knitted I was 14, and I only knew how to cast on and do the basic stitch. I have since found out that the way I was casting on was incorrect. So I’m basically starting from the beginning when it comes to knitting.

What gave me the idea of learning to knit with my daughter is that my daughter in the past she has become very frustrated with crochet. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for her, I learned how to crochet when I was 4 years old, but for some reason crochet is quite a challenge for her. The other day I got out my afghan hook (a crochet hook that is as long as a knitting needle) and decide to make a hot pad. Well my daughter was very interested, so I asked her if she would like to try. She took right to it with very little difficulty. We took turns crocheting until the project was done. It made me wonder why the afghan stitch was so much easier for her than the regular crochet stitch. So I thought maybe she might take to knitting as well.

So today I asked my husband to bring home some knitting needles, and did a search for a web sight to teach me how to knit. I found a really good one, (I posted it to my list of links on the left) and I have managed to learn how to cast on and do the basic knit stitch. I’ve been working at it for several hours, and feel confident in my ability to do it. So tomorrow when my daughter comes home from school, I’m going to teach her what I learned today. (She is very excited.)


I’ve had several people interested in the arts and crafts I do, so I thought I would make a blog dedicated to that. My sight should improve with time. In addition to discussing projects I’m working on, I plan to list all of the websites and books I’ve found helpful in my quest to expand my knowledge and skill.

Some of the crafts I have been doing for years, but some crafts, I’m jest starting out, but I love to learn, and maybe some of you will help me by giving me your tips and tricks, and maybe just maybe I’ll be helpful to some of you.